Feb 24

“Lemonade Stand” and “Ice Cream Cupcakes”-53 and 54

I am linking up with workshop in progress on the Naptime Quilter blog.

The Flying Geese quilt is complete!  I have a friend who suggested I make more creative names for my quilts, so I have named this one “Lemonade Stand.”  Doesn’t it feel like summer?  I don’t even know if that Alexander Henry print has lemons on it or not, but I LOVE it.

I quilted two lines above and two lines below the tops of the triangles, resulting in zig zags.   That is 68 times across the quilt.  That is 748 times turning the quilt on the machine to make the zig zags.  I didn’t count the hours.  This is a first for me, though.  My first time quilting straight lines with a walking foot.  Much better than without.  MUCH BETTER!

This is the quilt back.

“Lemonade Stand” is 64 inches x 90 inches, after washing.

I also made another quilt.  I had a lot of random bright fabric in my stash.  I’m trying to eliminate everything and start fresh.  So, here it is!

This idea came from a raw edge circle quilt tutorial on “Cluck Cluck Sew.”  It was my first time doing large spiral quilting.  VERY HARD!  Next time, I will definitely use spiral quilting on smaller circles.

This is my first attempt…

This is my 30th (and last) attempt…

I think I improved. 🙂  A little.

Here is the pieced back.

And sewing that teal binding made me so happy for some reason.   I love it!  When my daughter saw this, she said it looks like the tops of ice cream, or cupcake frosting.  So, even though someone else designed the pattern, I’m going to name this particular quilt “Ice Cream Cupcakes.”  Thanks, sweetie!

“Ice Cream Cupcakes” is 61.5 inches by 75 inches after washing.

And so, I’m donating these two quilts.  This is why.

Lots of quilts are made for people who are sick, or who have survived troubled times.  These quilts bring love and hope to the recipients.  I don’t personally know anyone right now who fits these categories, but I know someone who no longer fits these categories.  My Mother-in-law just passed the 5 year mark after finishing treatment for cancer.  Five years and cancer free.  THIS IS HUGE!!!  How do you celebrate that?  Go out to eat?  Throw a party?

So, I will celebrate her health the only way I know how.  I finished these quilts, and let her choose a place to donate them.  She chose a local children’s hospital and a women’s shelter.   I will be delivering them to their new homes later this week.  “Lemonade Stand” will go to the children’s hospital and “Ice Cream Cupcakes” will go to the YWCA.   It’s great to think that someone overcoming trials can help someone during theirs.  THAT is the way to celebrate!



  1. Jill says:

    Both look really great!

  2. Annie Crow says:

    They do look great, and what a lovely purpose for them!

  3. Lotje says:

    Many congrats!
    Very cheerful quilts

  4. felicity says:

    Absolutely a great way to celebrate something so happy. I absolutely LOVE how the quilting on Ice Cream Cupcakes (GREAT NAME!) looks on the back. Both quilts are great, actually. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Your quilting is wonderful on both of those quilts. How lovely of you to donate them to such worthy causes. The recipients will be thrilled I’m sure.

  6. Kate says:

    Lovely quilts and what a great way to celebrate your mother in law’s health!