Aug 21

Jazz Baby Quilts (22&23)

As I was purchasing remnant fabrics, I came across a tiny strip of Jazz printed fabric.  I though that this ought to force me to make a baby boy quilt (yes, so far all of my baby quilts have been girl quilts!).  This is where I discovered the joy (or agony) of fussy cutting.  I did the best with what I had.  See for yourself (sorry about the fuzzy picture, but it is all I have).

Quilt #22

First Jazz Quilt

I tried my best to find enough fabric of each section of print to make it look good.  I think it looks good considering the fabric restrictions I was dealing with.  I stitched  in the middle of each “L” of each color, so there were a lot of  loose threads to tie!  This quilt went to Jazz fans who had their first baby boy, and the dad LOVES wrapping his little guy in it.  Maybe the baby will like it, too 🙂

I ended up buying more of the same Jazz material for the backing of quilt 22, but bought too much.  Again, I was facing the same dilemma–What was I going to do with a little strip of Jazz fabric?  But this time, I had enough to fussy cut 25 identical blocks and make another quilt.

Quilt #23

I stitched in the ditch for this quilt.  I also used a flannel Jazz print backing, and I’m proud to say that I had no extra fabric and the vicious cycle finally ended!

Quilt #23

My second (and final) Jazz Quilt

This quilt was given to a family who was having their second baby boy.  It’s already outdated, though because the Jazz changed their logo and colors AGAIN!!!

Quilt #23, Jazz Quilt

I guess now it’s considered a “vintage” quilt.


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  1. Becky says:

    I will admit Dad likes to cuddle with the blanket more than the boy…but the season starts soon, hopefully it will cure “Jazzy Blanky” addiction! You are marvelous Tanya, I love your creativity, actually am very envious of it! I finally figured out how to stipple, so PROUD!! You’re awesome!