Jan 02

I fixed it!

Remember how I took perfectly good fabric and ruined it?  Well, after a little bit of quilting magic, I was able to fix them into something enjoyable.

I had intended to use this fabric to make one quilt with a large Y in the middle.  Well, I’m not a big fan of the old BYU, so I had a really hard time getting excited about making this quilt.  So, I came up with an even better idea.

Quilted BYU bibs

The front of the bibs

Blue quilted bib back side

The back side.

I made bibs out of them.  After appliqueing the Y, I did a blanket stitch over the edges of each Y to give it a little decoration and stability.  I used this bib tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts, only I used a bib that I currently have as a pattern instead of her pattern.  The one in the middle hadn’t been washed yet.  I quilted them differently, with different patterns and different thread colors, just to see how they turned out.  The binding had to be made a little differently than I normally make the binding because this binding would be going around curves.  When doing a curved binding, you need to cut the binding fabric on the bias (cutting each strip diagonally so that the fabric weave is at an angle with the cut).  Cutting on the bias allows the fabric to stretch and bend with the curves.  I learned this tip from Diary of a Quilter.

Home made diaper changing pads

I also made some matching diaper changing pads. They aren’t very big, but the back side has two pockets that are big enough to hold wipes and a diaper or two.

I got the absorptive but waterproof pad from Walmart (bed cover section).  The top part absorbs fluid while the bottom part is a vinyl waterproof layer.   I cut out a piece equal to the size of the quilted top, and then organized the layers in this way:

Top:  Quilted Blue , face down

Middle:  Two blue pockets, face up

Bottom:  absorptive pad, waterproof side up.

I sewed these three layers together, leaving about 3-4 inches open to turn the diaper changing pad inside out.  After turning it inside out, I stitched 1/4 to 1/8 inch away from the edge all the way around to secure the three layers in place.   Be sure to avoid puncturing the middle of the absorptive pad or you risk making it the opposite of waterproof.

So, that is how I fixed the quilts with the ugly letter Y.

Isn’t it funny?  I can’t bring myself to make a BYU quilt, but if it is intended to get gross and messy, I have no problem making them.

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