May 18

Hexagon Teacher Quilt (160)

Last summer, I purchased a TON of Joel Dewberry fabric from the Dewberry home town in Northern Utah for a steal of a price.  It was my intention to use it in my teacher quilts for the next year.  Joel Dewberry fabrics have very bold designs, which sometimes can be difficult to use when piecing.  I love finding a quilt design, though, that can show off the bold fabrics in a calm way.

fabric quilt and measuring

You’ll notice that I cut the fabric and the border fabric in strips.  I am a fan of working less and wasting less, so I used Elizabeth Hartman’s method of creating these triangles (see her Honeycomb quilt or Honey in space quilt) only my fabric dimensions were different (background strips were cut 1 inch wide x width of fabric, printed fabric was cut 7 inches wide x width of fabric).  Once the triangles with borders were cut, I sewed the triangles together into hexagons.


One yard of fabric made about 6 hexagons.  I sewed the hexagons into rows, and then sewed the rows together.  Sounds like a lot of work, but it was actually a fun change of pace, sewing all of those rows together.  I became a champion of the Y seams!


I didn’t trim the edges until after quilting.  This is the final product.


I used a nice loose free-motion meander, which was great around all of those corners!

hexagon quilt

Hexagon quilts are not fun in the cutting, but the sewing I find rather enjoyable.  This ended up being a nice large twin sized quilt, perfect for my son’s taller teacher.


Backed and bound by more Joel Dewberry prints.

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  1. That looks amazing! I have to say that I would be daunted by all the YSeams and would sew the units together more like Julie @Jaybird Quilts does for a lot of her quilts to avoid them. Although I’m sure I would learn so much more by doing what you did. 🙂

  2. Kati says:

    This looks so great!! I love the idea of using triangles with these fabrics. It worked out really well! Amazing as always!