Aug 15

Half Square Rectangle Checker Board Quilt (154)

Please, someone, tell me that this block has a name!  I have looked and looked and all I saw for a name for this block is “rectangle square.”  Really?  Is that what this block is called?  We have half square triangles, but are there no such things as half square rectangles?  Because, that is what this quilt is made of–a ton of half square rectangles!

Low volume light value checkerboard scrap quilt



I am finally getting rid of all of my scraps/stash that I have held onto for too long.  This quilt was a fun way to do just that.



I started this quilt by cutting 3 inch strips of a variety of fabrics in light values and dark values.  I sewed a dark strip to a light one, and then cut them, creating 5.5 inch squares.  From there, I sewed 18 rows of 14 squares, alternating the light and dark.  Then, I sewed the rows together, creating a 70 x 90 inch quilt top in an alternating elongated checkerboard pattern.


Half square rectangle high low value quilt



The quilting design is an easy straight line crosshatch–diagonal lines across each square.


Half square rectangle machine bindin



Backed with a fun gray and bound in yellow, this quilt is complete and ready to give away.  I’m thinking of giving it to my kids’ pre-school teacher, the one that taught all of my kids how to read.  She sounds pretty deserving of a quilt, right?


Light value dark value stash busting quilt



I’m in the process of quilting another quilt top that I completed a while ago.  Remember the scrappy version of my plus quilt?  It is halfway quilted, and I can’t wait to show it to you next time.




And, finally, I am working on another stash/scrap busting quilt.  It’s a play with values, but this time, using a drunkard’s path block!





I’m not big on sewing curves, but this quilt requires me to sew 192 blocks.  Wish me luck!



  1. Linda says:

    I think it is called a half square rectangle because most likely it is made by cutting charm “squares” in half.

  2. janita says: She makes it look so easy!
    I love your rectangle squares! Thanks for sharing. Janita

  3. Lynn Dykstra says:

    In early childhood education the shape is called the “Unit Block” and is the basic measurement for building blocks. The standard is 5.5 by 2.75 inches, twice as long as wide. (there is also a standard thickness, but we don’t need that for quilting!
    I have used the shape at a smaller scale (1 by 2 inches finished) for my Chinese Coin quilts.