Aug 10

Gender Neutral Scrap Baby Quilt (123) and a crazy stuff from our road trip.


I have not hand stitched a quilt for a long time.

I have been lazy.

And I am sorry. 😉

But, I knew a road trip was coming up, so I finished one last baby quilt (yes, I started it two nights before our trip and my husband though I was insane) and had it ready for hand stitching the moment I entered the van.

gender neutral scrap quiltThis quilt was made from the same pile of scraps my friend gave me (these are the 6 inch squares in grays and yellows) and a few of my own thrown in to give it a little more variety.  The backing was the left over fabric from the Scrap Box II quilt that I found at JoAnn.  It is a light gray with round bundles of flowers.  And the binding is Kona Curry.

The sad thing is, I was done sewing 10 minutes after I left my home state.  I still had three more states and a province to go.  Good thing my husband, and his cousin, and all of the kids were fairly entertaining.

We wanted to find an awesome random landmark for picture taking with the quilt.  We found one on our second day into the road trip, 10 miles from the Canadian Border, in Dunseith, North Dakota.

gender Neutral scrap quilt

This turtle is made of tire rims.  Awesome, right?

Here is another land mark, also a turtle, but this one is riding a snow mobile.

Bottineau North Dakota turtle

Here is a house on a Semi Truck in Manitoba, Canada.  Notice that we are on the shoulder of the road.  That is how big this thing was.


And, finally, this is just something that made me laugh.  I love how connected the Canadians feel toward the Royal Family, but this news stand was a little much…


The quilt was already gifted to a cousin who was pregnant.  Gender neutral quilts are awesome!

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  1. Conni says:

    love your little yellow and grey quilt!! Supper soft and cozy looking. Here in Canada we are related to the Kingdom, in some far off ruling still, so you could say we are close to them.

  2. Dolores says:

    Ah yes, the royal baby. The news was celebrated around the world. We, in Canada, are a part of the Commonwealth and as such, the our ‘head of state.’

  3. Kathryn says:


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