Oct 28

Friendship Star Quilt (75)






This will be my third admission into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  It is also my 75th quilt!  I have loved how people have used traditional blocks in a more modern way to make beautiful designs.  I wanted to do this with the friendship star block.  I had originally come up with this quilt design, but I felt that it needed to be a little different.

So, I went ahead and made them closer together.  And here is what I came up with:


I love the stars (or as my husband calls it, the ninja stars) and I also love the pattern produced by the negative space.  I love it so much that I used these lines for the quilting of this quilt.

I followed the lines created by the white pinwheel shapes produced in the negative space.  Here is a close up of the quilting where the stars meet.  As you can see, the interconnecting lines make a cute little eight pointed star in the middle.

I wanted to use my left over blocks in the back, and I just had enough to make this rainbow strip down the middle, bordered by large strips of Kona Tarragon.

Here is a picture of the quilting from the back.  I love how it turned out.

I bound it with one of the navy floral fabrics from the DS Quilts Picnics and Fairgrounds line.

This quilt measures 96.5 inches by 72.5 inches, before washing.  I really enjoyed making this quilt.   Thanks for visiting!



  1. Wow I really love this.
    Definately my favourite so far!

  2. sukie says:

    Great quilt! Um. . YOU MAKE HUGE QUILTS FYI!!

  3. felicity says:

    Oh I love what you did with the friendship star! This is outstanding!!

  4. love the quilt!


  5. Steffi says:

    Beautiful quilt! I like the pattern and the fabrics! Ninja stars is a cool name! 🙂

  6. trish says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this quilt! :o)

  7. Becky says:

    It turned out beautiful! I also love the back. The “ninja” stars are cool. 🙂

  8. Jill says:

    That’s fabulous! And I love your husband’s renaming of the pattern. I think I’ll call them ninja stars from now on.

  9. Debbie says:

    What a great quilt. I love your attention to every little detail!

  10. Rene' says:

    Tanya, this is a beautiful quilt! I love how you pieced the stars closer together. It really gives a different look to the friendship stars. Your quilting design is fabulous and I like how the design shines on the white backing. Thanks for sharing your awesome quilt in the festival!

    (So glad you stopped by to see mine too….couldn’t reply via email as you came up as no-reply blogger.)

  11. laura says:

    beautiful quilt!

  12. Julie Fukuda says:

    I love that pattern and made a quilt using it all in plaids. It is still one of my favorites.

  13. Margaret says:

    Awesome, love the color play!

  14. Abby Latimer says:

    This quilt is beautiful. I love how you took an old block and made it so today. (just as you had planned). Your quilting is amazing! This is going in my favorites folder! Thanks for sharing.

  15. SarahZ says:

    I SEE why you love this so much! I love it too! Wonderful, just wonderful!

  16. Love your quilt pattern and use of DS fabrics, but the quilting is especially beautiful – good job!

  17. Great pattern! The quilting looks awesome on the back – those ninja stars really pop! These DS fabrics are so pretty.

  18. Heather says:

    Hi, we love all your quilt finishes, let us know if we can feature you sometime in the near future!

  19. Eileen says:

    Lovely colors, fabrics and design. Quilting is so good with this pattern! Your backing is fun with the rainbow stripe. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  20. Susan J says:

    I made a quilt with this same pattern. Yours is so pretty.

  21. svetlana says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! It’s beautiful!

  22. Katie says:

    Ninja stars…gotta love those hubbies! It’s a great quilt and I love how you quilted it. Perfect!

  23. amy smart says:

    Tanya, I just LOVE this quilt too. The design is traditional yet it looks so fresh. Esp out of those DS fabrics. Love front and back. May save this one for inspiration as well!

    Well done.

  24. Kit Lang says:

    Lovely quilt – thanks for sharing!

  25. Sherryq says:

    Wow! Your quilt is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Becky says:

    I really love this. Like you, I think the white pattern and quilting really do bring this to a whole new level

  27. This quilt is lovely…thank you so much for sharing it us.

  28. Sally says:

    I have spent some time staring at this quilt and am wondering, did you sew blocks together first or did you sew rows together then connect them? I don’t understand how this was assembled….

  29. I just finished my quilt top, same pattern as yours. I think it was you who sent me the hand drawing of how your was assembled. I would love to send you a picture, if you want one then msg me at my email address and I would gladly forward.

    Sally Clarida
    Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

  30. Brooke Ann says:

    I have been searching for a year of the perfect pattern to make my next quilt and I think this is the one! My Nana gifted me a ton of fabric that should make up to a king size quilt. I would love some pointers, measurements, etc..
    I would really love to make this quilt!

    Thanks, Brooke Ann

  31. Priya says:

    Hi I see the friendship star block but not able to u derstsbd how you got this great effect?

    • Tanya says:

      Hello! Thanks for commenting. The original friendship star uses nine blocks: Four solid background blocks, four half square triangle blocks, and one square patterned block. Those nine blocks are it’s repeating pattern–3 blocks by three blocks square. My friendship star quilt simply replaces the solid background blocks with other half square triangles to be a part of other friendship stars. My repeating unit is five blocks by 5 blocks. So, if you look at my quilt and draw a box around every 5×5 block unit, you will see a repeating pattern. Good luck.