Jun 26

Equilateral Zigzag (117)

I know this quilt is out of numerical order, but I wanted it to have it’s debut before I posted about it.  This quilt was featured in Fons and Porter Scrap Quilts 2014.  They called it the Equilateral Zigzag.



This pattern was perfect for using up all of those scrap strips that I have saved.  Since I had just finished making a scrap quilt using blues, greens, grays, and yellow, this quilt has a lot of pinks, reds, and oranges, with the leftover blues and grays.  It doesn’t really have a lot of green in it.



Although I can’t show you how to make it, I can say that I have made this style of quilt before, but in a baby size.  Also, Nova of “A Cuppa and a Catch up” saw my baby quilt and made her own lap sized version of it, with some intense hand and machine quilting.   But really, if you want the pattern, you should just get the magazine, because they really made it a lot easier for you than I made it for myself.  They eliminated about 1/5 of the sewing.  You’ll see how when you get it.


My quilting is a loopy design, following the zigzag pattern.  This is my way of adding an over all free motion feeling to a quilt, and giving a simple nod to the design.




I hope this also inspires you to find new uses for your scraps.  You bought it, you might as well use it all up!




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  1. Wow, I love looking at the overall photo. Looks like a pretty large quilt – how big did it finish up?

  2. jenny says:

    congratulations on being featured. the quilt looks great!

  3. Carla says:

    A friend just brought that mag back from the USA this week and I spotted your quilt in there. It was my personal favourite, although I also like the hashtag one that my friend is making.