Aug 22

Doll quilts designed by my girls (31&32)

I had a lot of extra scrap fabric (4 x 4 inches) from some skirts that I made and quilts I had completed.  My girls have seen me quilt and had great interest in it, so I decided to let them design their own quilts.  I let them pick out which scraps to use (“Pick thirty squares, you guys.”) and I let them pick a backing from several remnant fabrics I had just purchased.  Then, I arranged them in a way that I thought was pleasing.  But I wanted to give them the last word, so I let them switch blocks around if they felt a change was needed.  In the end, we have these cute little doll quilts.

Baby Doll quilt

My older daughter's baby doll quilt

Baby doll quilt

My younger daughter's baby doll quilt.

My younger daughter really liked the butterfly material.  The binding that I used was also scrap fabric.  I wasn’t sure how often they would use these, but every once in a while I’ll walk into a messy toy room and my face will be beaming because in the middle of chaos will be a baby wrapped in one of these baby quilts.

Melts my heart.

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