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Dec 26

End of the Year–2014

This year, I made 21 quilts.  We moved houses, and I felt like I spent only half of my year sewing, but I was able to get a lot of projects completed. Continue Reading


Sep 14

Trifecta Quilt (112)

I had many fat quarters of Hokkah Wa-Modern (the pink colorway) in my stash, and for years I was stumped on how to use them in a quilt.  One day, while playing with an equilateral triangle grid, I drew out this design, and I knew I wanted to use my Hokkah fabrics (and many others) in it. Continue Reading


Jun 26

Equilateral Zigzag (117)

I know this quilt is out of numerical order, but I wanted it to have it’s debut before I posted about it.  This quilt was featured in Fons and Porter Scrap Quilts 2014.  They called it the Equilateral Zigzag. Continue Reading


May 12

Two Quilts in one Magazine!

Have I ever mentioned that I loved working with Scraps? Continue Reading


Apr 05

Safe and Sound Paper Piecing Pattern

People have been asking me a lot recently about how to make certain quilts.  This is a quilt I made a while back.  I would love to share with you how to make it. Continue Reading