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Apr 18

Chocolate and Caramel Hourglass Quilt (109)

I have been rather quiet on the blog, but the sewing machine has been humming as usual.  I wanted to get the most recent quilts finished before I took time to blog. Continue Reading


Feb 10

Scrappy Dresden Wedge Quilt (108)

A year ago, I made a baby dresden wedge quilt for the EZ Dresden Quilt Challenge.  The part of the challenge I chose to do was to try using the wedge in a new way.  I even made a tutorial.  I have always loved scrappy quilts, and I have admired scrap quilts that utilize value to create patterns in the quilt.  So, when I had enough random scraps around, I decided to start a scrappy version of that quilt.  Two-hundred and fifty-two blocks later, this is the final product! Continue Reading


Dec 20

T-shirt Quilt (105)

Winter makes me lazy.  I don’t feel like going outside to take pictures.  So please excuse my poor pictures.  I have no one to blame but myself. Continue Reading


Oct 10

Skill Builder Sampler Quilt (101) and a pillow

I finished the skill builder sampler quilt!   YAY!!!  This quilt has been over one year in the making.   Did I learn anything by making this quilt?  YOU BET!   I was not very good at curves, or applique, but after this quilt, I feel adequate enough to venture on a quilt using these techniques.  The first few blocks of my skill builder sampler can be found in my Quilt of Valor quilt, but the rest, plus a few others, complete this marvelous quilt! Continue Reading


Sep 01

Selvages, spider webs, and Dresdens, Oh My! (100)

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