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May 28

Low Tide Quilt (162)

Welcome back!  This is the last teacher quilt that I made.  This teacher had a definite color pallet and style that was easy to turn into a quilt.  My camera must have been tilted for this picture, because it looks like it is a trapezoid, but I promise I don’t make trapezoidal quilts! Continue Reading


May 24

Eight Pointed Star Quilt (161)

This is the “Eight Pointed Star Quilt.” Continue Reading


May 18

Hexagon Teacher Quilt (160)

Last summer, I purchased a TON of Joel Dewberry fabric from the Dewberry home town in Northern Utah for a steal of a price.  It was my intention to use it in my teacher quilts for the next year.  Joel Dewberry fabrics have very bold designs, which sometimes can be difficult to use when piecing.  I love finding a quilt design, though, that can show off the bold fabrics in a calm way. Continue Reading


May 10

Paisley Plus Quilt (159)

image Continue Reading


May 05

College Quilts for teachers (157, 158)

Every year, I make quilts for my kids’ teachers.  This is the first time I got to make a quilt for a male teacher.  He is very outspoken about his love of his alma mater, and so I knew I needed to make him a college quilt. Continue Reading