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Aug 26

Pink baby doll quilt (35)

So, and update.  I have not yet purchased a new sewing machine, but I’ve been working like crazy piecing other quilts.  My Blue and Yellow Flying Geese quilt is now a quilt top and I am debating on whether or not to add some additional things to the side. Continue Reading

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Aug 22

Doll quilts designed by my girls (31&32)

I had a lot of extra scrap fabric (4 x 4 inches) from some skirts that I made and quilts I had completed.  My girls have seen me quilt and had great interest in it, so I decided to let them design their own quilts.  I let them pick out which scraps to use (“Pick thirty squares, you guys.”) and I let them pick a backing from several remnant fabrics I had just purchased.  Then, I arranged them in a way that I thought was pleasing.  But I wanted to give them the last word, so I let them switch blocks around if they felt a change was needed.  In the end, we have these cute little doll quilts. Continue Reading

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