Sep 10

Beach Bum Baby Quilt (#71)

I am always trying to figure out designs for quilts for baby boys.  I feel that my options are limited, somewhat, not just by color, but by design as well.   I also need to think about who the quilt is going to to really know what pattern I wanted.

So, a baby was due to be born in Mid-September, and all I knew was that he was a boy and the colors in his room included light sky blue, sage, cream, beige, grays, and browns. In my mind, these are the colors that I would expect to find on a beach, which makes sense since his dad has the feel of a California surfer “dude.”

 I don’t have much of a stash, but I was able to find a few fabrics in these colors from my “Nest” (by Valorie Wells) fat quarter bundle, and my “House” (by Annette Tatum) fat quarter bundle.  That, plus my limited amounts of green, beige, gray, aqua, and cream solid fabric (I was literally digging in my scrap bin for these!), I was able to pull together the modified cross quilt in classic beach bum colors!

Nest and House baby quilt

I made the modified cross blocks by cutting:

6.5 inch square of patterned fabric.

1.5 in. x 6.5 in. strip of solid fabric

1.5 in. x 7.5 in. strip of same solid color.

Baby modified plus quilt

I made an initial cut in my patterned square somewhere between 1 inch and 3.25 inches from an edge.  I sewed the shorter strip of solid fabric to both pieces of the patterned square.  After pressing, I flip the square 90 degrees and cut another strip somewhere between 1 inch and 3.25 inches from an edge, making sure to cut across the solid strip.  Then, sew the longer strip of the same colored solid to the two new pieces.  Press, and done.  Easy, right?

Modified plus quilt

While cutting these modified crosses, I did very few blocks with strips exactly down the center, thus lessening my chances of having strips match together.  They still did, though.

I made 56 blocks, sewing them in rows of eight, and then sewing the seven rows together.  Actually, I was sewing the rows together when the baby was born.  I’ve never made a quilt for a baby while the baby was being born before 🙂

This was my first quilt to quilt using a concentric square, in a spiral fashion (as in, no interconnecting lines, no tying and hiding knots.)  I made the lines about 1.5 inches away from each other, and this only took ONE BOBBIN to quilt.  ONE BOBBIN!!!  I was very excited.

I bound it with Holly Holderman’s Dolly Dresses in Micro-Dot.  Girly name, but very manly piece of fabric.

modified modern plus quilt

This quilt measured (before washing) 45 inches by 52 inches.  And, Beach Bum Baby Boy was born a few days ago, so this should make it to his house when he does!

Edited to add:  Here is a picture of the nursery.   Thanks to the baby’s mom who sent me a picture of it!


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  1. Shanley says:

    That turned out really well. I will have to remember it for the next round of babies.