Apr 25

Barn Quilts

My machine had reached it’s 2,000,000 stitches mark and needed some maintenance done.  This just happened to coincide with our spring break trip to Iowa City (we got caught in a huge blizzard on the way back, but the Iowa weather was great!).  So, while we were in Iowa, my machine was in the shop.

I was able to find the mysterious “Barn Quilts” that I had heard so much about.  I had looked all through Wyoming, Nebraska, and even Western Iowa, but was unable to find these mysterious barn paintings.  It wasn’t until we drove along near the Iowa/Illinois border that we saw them everywhere!

Barn quilt

Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt

Double barn quilt

Barn Quilt

We saw MANY MANY more, but my husband refused to go more than 50 feet off the main road to take a picture.  He also refused to call them Barn Quilts.  He says it’s not right for quilters to claim these are quilts when clearly they are paintings.

Thirty minutes later, after looking up “barn quilt” on his smart phone, he was telling me the history of Barn Quilts, the meaning, the locations, key players in the barn quilt movement, etc.  I think someone just gained a greater appreciation for quilting.  It’s about time.  🙂

And, even though this isn’t a barn quilt, I had to include this picture of an AWESOME donation made to the Iowa City Library.


Iowa City Library Book Barn

No, not the kid (he’s ours).  The book house.  Pretty amazing!  My Sister-in-Law finds it funny that we would go all the way to Iowa to visit her, but really, there is a lot of rich history there, and the people there have pride in their community.  And, we were in great company.  And, they have lots of sticks, which next to cousins, were the things my kids found the most exciting.

Maybe when we go back, my husband will be willing to make more detours to take more pictures.

Maybe, he’ll even let me put a barn quilt on our shed.

That last thing might be pushing it.  A little.


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  1. Lotje says:

    Love this story and the photo’s – reading history – so nice! Lotje