Nov 06

Another “Stampin’ Up” quilt

I had just a little more Stampin’ Up fabric left over from the last two quilts I made, so I thought I could make one more for a new baby born in our neighborhood.

For a long time, I had admired “Crazy Mom Quilts” Amanda Jean’s zigzag quilts using squares on the bias instead of using half square triangles.  So, I made this one using fabric strips that are 2.5 inches wide (2 inches after being sewn).


Here it is, basted and ready to quilt.  I quilted it above each zigzag line, just to echo the design without having to stitch in the ditch.  It make a great quilted design both front and back.

zigzag stampin up minky quilt


I backed this quilt with minky.  Using both basting pins and spray baste is the method I prefer to use for basting a quilt with a minky back.

I also used cotton batting between the quilt top and the minky.  It pads the quilt and gives it a great drape and weight.

Stampin up zigzag quilt

Kona Delft was used for the binding of this quilt.

zig zag minky quilt

This quilt is already in the baby’s nursery, and thank heaven it matches!  The mom didn’t do a lot to decorate, but she has a wall of books on display shelves and it adds a balance of color to the side of the room with the crib.  I am so happy that she loves it.  Edited to add:  She just ordered curtains to match the quilt.  Yay!

This quilt ended up at 34 inches by 45 inches, before washing.   Thank you for stopping by!

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