Jun 01

A quilt for my dad (116)

I have wanted to make a quilt for my dad for a long time.  He doesn’t have a very strong opinion when it comes to quilts, so I knew he would gladly accept anything I made for him.  I had some 2.5 inch squares of some red fabric, and I had purchased a lot of navy and tan fabric originally for a teacher quilt, but I decided to go with brown and cream instead.  So the blue fabric sat on a pile on one end of my sewing area, while the red squares sat in a bag on the other.  One day I happened to move things around and…

red blue tan quilt 1

I immediately knew that this would be for my dad.  It had enough of a red, white, and blue to feel patriotic (my dad served in the Air Force and was in the Vietnam War), but is still very manly (my dad is pretty darn manly).

The blocks were made to be 10 inches square, final size.  I used the 2.5 inch square, sewed it to two 2.5 x 4.5 inch blue or tan rectangles, pressed, and then sewed on either side two 4.5 x 10.5  rectangles.  I purchased 8 yards of fabric, 4 tan and 4 blue, and it was enough to make 35 blue blocks and 35 tan blocks.  This quilt is 7 blocks wide and 10 blocks tall, so it ended up being a long twin (about 70 inches x 100 inches).  The picture only shows half of it.

With the extra fabric, I pieced together a back.   In this picture, only about 60 % of the quilt is seen.

the back of a red, blue, and tan square in square quilt

I quilted this quilt using two colors of thread.  The tan thread was used in the tan blocks, and the navy was used in the navy blocks.

When my dad walked into his room, he didn’t even notice the quilt on his bed.  My mom had to point it out to him.  But, he noticed that it was double sided without her telling him.  🙂

Love you, Dad!

red blue tan quilt side


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  1. Great quilt! Love both the front and the back. Toni